Tamati Parker & C3 Construction – Closes the circle for Keystone Trust

December 5, 2017

“For me personally, it is a huge deal to give something back to the Trust that has helped me for so long. Paying it forward, so the next generation of Keystone recipients can have the same positive experience that I was fortunate enough to have.”

Keystone Alumni Tamati Parker & Director of C3 Construction, has become the first alumni to become a direct sponsor of the Trust. Tamati received his Keystone Study Award in 2004 and has carved out a great career in the industry, resulting in the establishment of C3 Construction together with fellow Directors  Michael Bowman and  Kirk Bakker.

“It fills me with so much pride to support the trusts vision. Mike Higgins’ recent speech really nailed it for me. Mike mentioned that the Alumni was strong and that we would continue to grow into positions where we could give back to the trust, and I realised, I am fortunate enough to be in that position now! So sponsorship is the first step. I hope to be able to offer more to the Trust as time goes on. Whatever I can offer will never go far enough to repaying the debt that I owe Keystone for the support over the years.”

Tamati and his co-workers formed C3 Construction in June 2016 and have been making their mark on the construction industry ever since. “The main driver for Launching C3 was simply to shake things up, through early adoption of new tech and a more sustainable approach, we want to come up with different ways of doing everything.” One of C3’s core values is People First. “We believe in putting people above all else in everything we do, treating people with care and respect and building trusting and enjoyable relationships with everyone we work with. The Trusts core values of putting the young people at the heart of everything you do is very closely aligned with ours.”

Tamati hopes to do as much as he can to help the Trust continue its good work. The C3 team love the idea of becoming a sponsor and are keen to be a part of something bigger, and to see the results of the Trusts hard work come to life in good young people coming into the industry.

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