Our 2024 Keystone Trust Graduates

March 13, 2024

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari kē he toa takitini – My success should not be bestowed onto me alone, it was not individual success but the success of a collective.


Congratulations to our Study Award graduates!


Kyle Hollowood 2019

Master of Architecture (Professional), Victoria University of Wellington

“Your support in my education will have a lasting effect, not only on my life and the lives of other scholarship recipients but also on those I aspire to positively influence in the future.”


Sophie Chapman 2019

Master of Architecture (Professional), Victoria University of Wellington

“I have been through a lot, and I want to express how much I have grown because of the trust. No longer am I the girl who cried in her interview, but an empowered young woman ready to take on the industry and help others.”


Talafatu Pupualii 2019

Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Unitec. Graduate architectural intern with Warren & Mahoney, Auckland

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without your generous support and belief in my capabilities. As I continue on with my career, I will carry the lessons and values imparted by this scholarship with me.”



Jett Gannaway 2020

Bachelor of Surveying (Hons), University of Otago

Surveying Cadet, Hydrographic surveying company, Oslo, Norway

“The hands on approach makes Keystone so special – it is not a mere scholarship; it is a journey of growth and development that sets students up so well for their professional futures.”


Michael Fray 2020

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), University of Auckland. Graduate Engineer, GHD, Auckland

“When I originally applied for the Keystone scholarship, I was hoping to receive financial assistance and knowledge. While these have certainly been given to me, I believe the scholarship has done something far more important. It has equipped me with skills, connections and beliefs that I believe will empower me to take charge of my own future.”

Congratulations to our C3 School Leaver Scholarship recipient! 


Allen Dela Cruz 2021

Bachelor of Construction, Massey University. Cadet Site manager, C3 Construction

“Keystone has shown me not only a rewarding career, but a life worth pursuing. The places I’ve seen, the things I’ve learnt and the people I’ve met, through the trust, is something I will always carry with me.”


Congratulations to our Key Partner Scholarship graduates!


For many years we have been fortunate to support some of the most outstanding students along their tertiary journey. Thank you to the initial group of incredible Key Scholarship Partners (KSPs) – AECOM, BBD, Bayleys, Miles Construction, Russell Group, TSA Management, and Waide Construction – who have provided a scholarship, a mentor, work experience and exposure to a work environment.

In 2023, Ashton Mitchell and Form Building & Development joined the list while existing sponsors, RCP, Kiwi Property and Vital Healthcare increased their support to become KSPs. This year, Summerset Holdings, Fulton Hogan, Argosy Property, and Built have their first tertiary student, and next year we are welcoming Kalmar Construction,  Rubix and Simplicity Foundation/Simplicity Living to this list of future thinking companies.


Temukisa Taito 2023

AECOM Scholarship

Bachelor of Building Science. Health Assistant, Mapu Maia Health Clinic

“I reflect with gratitude on the growth, knowledge, and confidence I have gained, thanks to your unwavering support. I am truly grateful for the opportunities this scholarship has opened for me, and I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.”


Katie Rousell 2023

BBD Scholarship

Bachelor of Construction (Quantity Surveying), Massey University. Junior Quantity Surveyor, Summerset Holdings Limited

“I would like to thank BBD for seeing the potential in me and offering me continuing support throughout the year. I have been allowed to step out of my comfort zone, take opportunities by both hands, and receive answers to questions that I                                                    would have otherwise struggled with.”

Read more about Katie’s experience with Summerset Holdings

Mantaj Singh 2023

Bayleys Property Scholarship

Bachelor of Property/Commerce, University of Auckland. Property Assistant, Bayleys Real Estate

“I am truly grateful for the support and opportunities Keystone has offered, making me feel part of another family I thought I didn’t need.”



Kane Robertson 2023

Form Building & Development Scholarship

Bachelor of Architecture & Future Environments, AUT. Graduate Architect, FNC Designs

“I hope that my hard work and involvement with the Trust has been a true reflection of what a ‘Keystone Student’ should represent and a role model for other students intending to connect with the Trust.”

Read more about Kane’s experience with Form Building & Development


Shae Ridder 2022 & 2023

Hawkins Scholarship

Bachelor of Construction (Quantity Surveying), Massey University. Junior Quantity Surveyor, Blue Hammer Contracting

“What Keystone Trust achieves creates ripples in the industry; companies take notice and join the cause and every student you support creates an alumni willing to pay it forward. The ripples you make change the courses of action, gently pushing us to better waters, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the ripples of Keystone Trust.”


Mason Szucs 2023

Vital Healthcare Property Scholarship

Bachelor of Property/Commerce, University of Auckland. Assistant Project Manager (Intern), RCP, Auckland

“The opportunities provided by the Keystone Trust have broadened my skill set, expanded my network, and offered insights that are hard to come by elsewhere.”



Georgia Bulmer 2023

Waide Construction Scholarship

Bachelor of Construction (Quantity Surveying), Massey University. Travelling overseas

“As I approach the completion of my degree, I am filled with a sense of accomplishment, and I credit much of that to the support of Keystone Trust. Your belief in the potential of students like myself has made a lasting impact on my life.”


Not all our Key Scholarship Partner scholarship recipients graduated this year as they may have only been in their second year when they received their scholarship.  However, as their scholarship is only for one year, they were welcomed into the Keystone Trust alumni group and received their alumni pin at the Awards Evening.


Eric Latu 2023

Alf Russell Scholarship

Bachelor of Construction, Unitec. Cadet/Junior Site Manager, Dominion Constructors

“Your unwavering belief in our potential has not only empowered me but also instilled a sense of responsibility to contribute positively to my communities.”

Nick Konovalov 2023

Miles Construction Scholarship

Bachelor of Engineering Technology, ARA

“Keystone Trust is like a bridge that provides connections with industry professionals, training, financial support, academic assistance and mentorship and other help with issues.”

Isabella Mercado 2023

TSA Scholarship

Bachelor of Architectural Studies &   Bachelor of Building Science. Summer Internship – Aurecon

“Thanks to your kindness and generosity, I am better equipped to focus on my studies and pursue my passion for project management and sustainable engineering systems.”

Isla Turner 2023

Russell Group Scholarship

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Auckland. Design Intern, Dominion Constructors

“The support and encouragement I have received throughout the year has motivated me in both my studies and career. This scholarship has allowed me to realise my full potential of how I am able to have a place within the industry.”

Olivia Hawtin 2023

RCP Scholarship

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Lincoln University. Summer intern, RCP, Christchurch

“From the very beginning I knew that this scholarship would help me become the best version of myself. I have gained so much from my scholarship and appreciate everything the Trust and RCP has done for me.”


Congratulations to all of our graduating students, and all the best to those who are continuing their studies! We are proud to call all of you, Keystone Trust alumni!


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