Sector success inspires new social partnership

August 8, 2023

A pivot in business strategy, and a period of calm, following one of the most significant building booms New Zealand has ever seen, has afforded global property and construction consultancy WT’s insight into how it can better support the communities in which it operates.  

WT is the latest firm to join Keystone Trust as a sponsorship partner. The role that will see the business provide annual funding and career opportunities for disadvantaged students working towards qualifications in the property and construction sectors.

The international firm with expertise in quantity surveying, project management and advisory in the built environment acknowledges the time is right to raise the bar on its social objectives, particularly given record-breaking construction activity across New Zealand.

“The building boom and ensuing downturn have provided time to reflect on our role supporting the professional community, and we see the partnership with Keystone Trust as a strategic opportunity to invest in innovation, supporting sustainable growth across the sector,” says WT’s Managing Director Scott McCondach.

“Our breadth of offerings and award-winning talent give the business a unique pedigree from which to support education and create a legacy that benefits both current and future generations in the construction sector.”

Emphasis on the firm’s social objectives coincided with Scott’s appointment in 2022, to managing director, with team members noting his influence has been instrumental in fortifying the company’s corporate social responsibility framework.

“The scholarship aspect of our support in the trust promotes equal opportunities and diversity across the industry, which delivers benefits far beyond our business alone and helps to develop capable young professionals with a broadened worldview.”

“We see huge opportunities for organisations which embrace the value of young talent, who are often more attuned to the application, integration, and innovation offered by technology and sustainability initiatives.”

“Typically, the digital environment is driven by the younger generation, educated with technology at the forefront of their studies, which continues to support the construction sector to respond to once-in-a-generation Building for Climate Change programme requirements,” says Scott McCondach.

Motivated to join the trust in partnership to promote positive impacts and help to shape the future workforce, WT’s breadth, with a collective 1,750 professionals worldwide provides ample opportunity for Keystone students to seek work experience opportunities.

“Being aligned with one of the leading international cost consultancy firms with offices worldwide can open many doors for our students, by creating opportunities to make meaningful industry connections, partake in project/site visitation, and gain insight into the workings of a firm focused on sustainable growth initiatives,” says Keystone Trust General Manager Amanda Stanes.

“We know the acquisition, support and ultimate retention of young talent is a constant battle for many organisations, particularly as the building and construction industry continues to evolve.”

“The partnership between the trust and WT inspires greater engagement in the early years of a student’s journey, whilst improving educational opportunities, career pathways and ultimately, the calibre of talent which will see the sector progress, innovate and perform to a world-class standard.”



For further media enquiries, please contact

Amanda Stanes                                                                               
Keystone Trust – General Manager                                   
M: 021 689 380

Katie Mitch
WT Partnership – People and Culture Lead
M: 021 046 4262

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