Keystone Future Leaders Workshop 2019 | Skills for the future

February 20, 2019

It’s fair to say that our inaugural Future Property Leaders Workshop was an absolute hit!

On Saturday the 16th of February we gathered all our students from around NZ and enjoyed a engaging, busy and sometimes challenging day. The workshop began with a presentation by behavioural psychologist Kyle McWilliams of McWilliams Consulting who led a session focused on mental resilience and how to cope with internal self-talk and the stresses that are a part of our everyday lives. The students found this comprehensive session to be immensely beneficial.

“I cannot explain enough in depth how helpful Kyle’s session was. He taught us so many techniques and skills that will help us for the rest of our lives. He covered so many topics that are especially relevant for us as scholarship students and university students. Nearly all of these things which are key skills to help your mental and physical health had never been taught to me by anyone else. It sounds dramatic but it really has changed my life for the better.

I had been recently feeling anxious for the university year to begin as we had such a long time on break, and Kyle’s encouragement and advice about how to improve my overall well-being was just what I needed to feel energised for the busy year ahead.”

After a lunch break, Victor Davies and Jake ? from Vic D Fitness got our heart rates pumping with some fast-paced team building exercises. The students bonded over classic party games like an egg and spoon race, a paper scissors gauntlet, and a wheelbarrow race. Unsurprisingly, these games brought out some very competitive personalities.

“The team building skills were great. At the start I was worried because of the idea of all the exercise, but by the end of it I had so much fun. I felt like everyone really bonded and you got to see a different side to people. It was such a fun way to actually be active too! By the end of it I definitely noticed that everyone had opened up even more. I also noticed that after the team building activities, I was less nervous to speak out.”

“The physical activities with Victor and Jake created much laughter, teamwork and smiles all round. It was awesome having time together in an informal setting which we wouldn’t normally see each other in, and enjoying each other’s company and conversations. We learnt lots about each other’s strengths, interests and character.”

Zac Kim from the Heart 4 Youth Trust finished off the day with a discussion on mentoring, outlining how students can work most effectively with their newly assigned industry mentors.

It was great to be given some guidance in how we should be as mentees in order to get the most from our mentors. Zac’s presentation answered some of the queries I had regarding mentoring and made me feel excited for the opportunity I have through Keystone to be given a mentor for the year.”

 “I found Zac the most engaging as I have found it daunting in the past to interact with those who are professionals in their fields. Now, I look forward to meeting my mentor and picking his brains as well as helping younger students with any worries and queries they may have!”

The day was a successful mix of learning, fun activities and making new friends, and with such great feedback from our students, we can’t wait to set a date for our next one!

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