Meet our New Students – Briar Oberdries

February 23, 2018

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Hey I’m Briar, I’ve recently turned 18 and I live in the sunny Marlborough. I was raised by my gorgeous mother on a lifestyle block in the country. I am the youngest of 3, both my older sisters live away and are achieving incredible things. I enjoy getting outdoors and spending my time around friends and family.


Why did you choose to apply for the Keystone Study Award?

I applied for Keystone Trust Study Award as it was the one that jumped out at me for sure!!! The financial side is a huge bonus for sure but the way they guide and help you network in the property industry is unreal.  I never even imagined where I am now with Keystone but I knew I had to put myself out there and try my best. Keystone Trust is incredible and would be by far the best scholarship!


What excites you most about your chosen area of study? 

My area of study is all insanely exciting, it’s everything that I’m passionate and enjoy put into one. It covers a range of areas but a couple papers that I’m keen to study are the commercial law and valuation side of things.


Why did you decide to take up qualifications in the property sector?

My Aunty has always been a big influencer in the property side of things, she’s very intelligent and owns a few investment properties. It always took my eye and I would often spend hours with her chatting and seeing how everything works. Another thing that got me interested with property was doing work experience with Bayleys and spending time in a range of areas there.


What are you looking forward to the most in your study and time with Keystone?

I’m looking forward to the opportunities I get from Keystone and seeing where those take me. Getting out of my comfort zone and backing myself. I’m excited to meet people through Keystone and continue to learn from them.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

I see myself hopefully finished my degree, worked alongside different businesses and gained knowledge and experience, lots of travel, bought my own house and learnt lots about the industry, myself and others.


One interesting fact about you?

I can play guitar

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