On the 29th of August our Auckland based Keystone Students were lucky enough to hear from George Hulbert Director at The Clarity Business take as he took them though a workshop covering Presentation Skills.

George has been a very active supporter of our Keystone family for over four years now, and it was extremely generous of him to put together an incredibly useful session, on a topic most of us dread. We can not thank George enough for his time and the work that went into this workshop, your support is superb.

The students enjoyed the engaging evening and will be sure to use the skills they have picked up  in their future presentations.

“George Hulbert, from The Clarity Business, ran a very informative workshop on presentation skills. As my 4th year research project presentation is quickly approaching, this workshop was incredibly timely and I took away many notes, tips, and tricks. George highlighted the core ‘rules’ of a good presentation, namely preparation and practice, as well as critical mistakes which appear far too often. Since the workshop I have become more aware of the skills, or lack of, of lecturers and other presenters. I look forward to implementing and honing in on my own presentation skills, with George’s expert guidance. On behalf of the students, I would like to thank George for taking your time to share your knowledge with us.”

Sam Fredheim – Engineering UoA

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