What We Did This Summer | 2019

February 25, 2019

Our students have been busy! Many students tell us that value of a Keystone scholarship is the networks that are readily available for them to tap into. Over the summer, many of our students have taken advantage of these connections and have been gaining valuable work experience in our sponsor companies. Check out some of their stories below


Briar is a 2018 Study Award Recipient studying a Bachelor of Land & Property Managment at Lincoln University. She was lucky enough to spend her summer in the Christchurch office of RCP.
“I have had the best summer job that anyone could ask for! I’ve made the most amazing friends and had the best laughs. I had such wonderful mentors that were so patient and happy to teach me and take me out to sites. I have gained confidence – which has been hugely valuable for me – knowledge, and skills in the area of project management. I now know the basics of how to run a project and how to process the paperwork that goes with it. I could not recommend RCP more, they are most wonderful company with beautiful and kind people.”


Naomi received her scholarship in 2016 to study construction at Massey University, and she will be finishing her degree this year. She began working with Hawkins over the summer.
“This summer I have embarked on my journey as a cadet with Hawkins, and I am loving it so far! I am currently working on the Health, Safety and Environmental modules and I will be rotating to different modules such as Site Operations, Planning and Programming, Estimating and Tendering and Commercial Management throughout the two year programme. I am learning a lot everyday and really making the most of this amazing opportunity.”


Our 2017 Study Award student Blake is towards the end of a Property and Commerce conjoint degree at the University of Auckland and has continued working for Stride Property.
“This year I worked my second summer with Stride Property, I have been working assisting the property management team in any way I can. I have really enjoyed this role because it has heavily increased my knowledge in the property field, and I am looking forward to future experience with this company.”


Julius Talavou, a Bachelor of Construction student who received his Study Award in 2018 has been working with Dominion Construction.
“This summer I had the opportunity to work as an intern at Dominion Construction. I have to say it’s been amazing, the amount of knowledge you learn is awesome. I’ve been working with a team to strip down and put up Doka boards in preparation for the concrete pour. It’s hard work but the results are rewarding, the Doka method is amazing. It’s not only it’s quick for jumping floors but the aesthetic finish of the slab is slick. This would be not be possible if it wasn’t for Keystone, so thank you Keystone for the opportunity and Dominion for the awesome experience.”


Our 2018 Study Award recipient Asalemo Lilomaiava also worked with Dominion Construction over the summer.
“Over the summer I have been working with Dominion Constructors at The International site. Working alongside everyone on The International has taught me the significance of each individual and their job, from a project manager to a tradie to a labourer. I now know how everyone works together to maintain progress. Having completed my first year in my Engineering degree, and now working in the industry alongside the engineers and carpenters, I am able to take the practical things I’ve learnt into my classes at uni. Working for Dominion and with The International team has been a fun and great experience, I was welcomed onto the team as one of their own and really am grateful for everything they have taught me.”


Callum, a 2019 Study Award recipient spent his summer at Miles Construction in Christchurch. Callum has just started his Bachelor of Construction at Ara Institute of Canterbury.
“Over the recent summer holidays, I had the opportunity to work for Miles Construction, who I have been lucky enough to discover through the Keystone Trust. Miles helped me gain some on-site experience on a range of different sites across Christchurch. Everyone I worked with was more than happy to explain how everything worked, and answer all my many questions. It intrigued me how all the different trades came in to work together on the same project. Miles Construction also gave me the opportunity to work in their office for a few weeks until I started at polytech. I was working alongside project managers and quantity surveyors and I also learnt a lot about health and safety, and the legal side of the construction industry. The opportunity to work alongside people who are doing the job my degree is tailored towards is something I never thought I would be able to do until I had actually graduated. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Miles Construction and the Keystone Trust and I look forward to continue to learn more about the construction industry alongside them both.”


Lastly, our 2017 Study Award recipient Anntonina spent her summer at RCP in Auckland. She is studying a Bachelor of Building Science in Wellington.
“My summer internship with RCP in Parnell was amazing. During my time with RCP I had the opportunity to attend meetings and site visits with a few of the project managers and also got to see the financial side of the company by completing a few jobs for the accountants. Everyday I went home learning something new. From this experience I’ve gained connections and knowledge, and that it has made me more confident and excited to start the new academic year.”


A huge thank you to our family of sponsors that give our students these fantastic opportunities!

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