Keystone Trust Study Award Application Form 2025

Please read the T&C’s below and then complete the online application form.




On 25 October 1994, the founding Trustees signed a Trust Deed to create the Graeme Bringans Property Education Trust. Graeme was a property developer who had been a strong advocate of promoting opportunities for young people in the property industry, particularly those whose family, financial or other circumstances were such that their paths might be blocked. His dream was to establish a Trust dedicated to helping such young people find their pathways into the industry.

Unfortunately, Graeme died suddenly in 1994 at the age of 48. After his death his widow Binty and a group of close friends raised the seed capital and put in place the structures which allowed the Trust to offer scholarships to students in a wide range of property and construction related disciplines.


The Study Award is open to all New Zealand school leavers who meet the specified criteria:

  • New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand
  • Financial hardship or circumstantial need
  • Intending to study a property or construction related tertiary qualification, including
    • Bachelor of Architecture
    • Bachelor of Engineering
    • Bachelor of Property
    • Bachelor of Land & Property Management
    • Bachelor of Business Studies (Property)
    • Bachelor of Urban Planning
    • Bachelor of Construction
    • Bachelor of Building Science
    • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
    • Bachelor of Spatial Design
    • Bachelor of Surveying
    • Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Property (conjoint)

The Study Award is valued up to $5,500.00 per annum ($2,750 per semester), and will be paid for each year in which the Award applies and is to be used towards fees, course costs and accommodation as each term commences. The Award is available for a period of three consecutive years, and may only be extended beyond this consecutive three years period if approved by the Trust, on application.

In considering the granting of Awards the Trustees will be advised by a selection panel comprising representatives from Keystone Trust and elected representatives.

Opening date:     1 June 2024
Closing date:       1 September 2024
Application:        By online form only

Applications must be completed by the applicant and will only be accepted on the prescribed application form, which must be submitted no later than 5.00pm on 1 September 2024.
Any enquiries should be made to or call 09 375 7453.

As part of the selection process, you may be required to attend an online interview between 30 October and 1 November at a place in New Zealand to be nominated by the Keystone Trust.
Following interviews, the selection panel will make a recommendation to the Trustees for the following year’s recipients along with any specific terms and conditions of the Student Study Award.
The Trustees will have the sole and unfettered discretion to grant the Study Award, and will determine in their discretion the scholarship to be offered to any successful applicant, the amount and period of each scholarship, and the terms and conditions applying to each Study Award.

Terms and Conditions

Pursuant to the Privacy Act 2020, please review the Privacy Policy which is on our website as it relates to our gathering, holding and using your personal information.
All applications must be received by the date and time stipulated and via the online form.
Successful applicants will be required to accept in writing an offer by the Trustees of the grant of the Award upon the following conditions and any other conditions as the Trustees shall consider to be appropriate:

  1. a)  The Recipient must continue to meet the eligibility criteria for the Award.
  2. b)  The Recipient must not accept any other bursary, scholarship or financial assistance specifically related to the course in excess of $5000 without the approval of the Trustees providing this shall not preclude the acceptance of any scholarship or bursary awarded by examination.
  3. c)  The Recipient must make full and continuing disclosure to the Trust of all other sponsors or sources of financial assistance in relation to their studies.
  4. d)  The course of study shall not be changed after the Award is made without the approval of the Trustees
  5. e)  The Recipient must agree to make available to the Trust results of all tests and examinations which count for year-end results.
  6. f)  The Recipient shall submit written reports on the progress of the course of study at such intervals as the Trustees shall require.
  7. g)  The Recipient must complete their course of tuition without interruption. Failure to pass in any year or any decision to defer completion of the course of study or if the course of study is not completed in accordance with the conditions whether in whole or in part, the Award shall be forfeited and any amounts advanced maybe requested to be refunded upon demand.
  8. h)  All publicity associated with the grant of the Award to the Recipient shall be determined by the Trust and the Recipient shall make no announcement in respect of the Award without the written approval of the Trust.
  9. i)  The Recipient may be required to be present at the Trust’s Awards or to make available appropriate material for presentation.

The following guidelines outline the Trustees’ expectations of Recipients of 2025 Study Award:

a)  The Trust expects the Recipient will familiarise themselves with, and have a good understanding of both the history and the objectives of the Trust to enable promotion of the Trust to others as called upon either in an official or unofficial capacity.

b)  The Recipient is to provide to the Trust upon request a short report of results and general progress by the Recipient in his or her course of study at the end of each semester.

c) The Recipient is to provide to the Trust at the end the Recipient’s course of study in each year:

  • a comprehensive summary of the Recipient’s results.
  • a personal review by the Recipient of the year, commenting on the highs and lows and any changes the Recipient is intending to implement in the next academic year (unless last year).
  • a summary of the Recipient’s goals and plans for the next year, both academic and personal (unless last year).

d)  Recipients of the Study Award are expected to act as ambassadors for the Trust and will be required to attend events organised by the Trust throughout their time as a Keystone Study Award recipent.

Study Award Scholarship Form 2025.


  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Please note, you must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident to apply for this scholarship.


    If you have any issues uploading the documents please email them to Please upload the following documents in PDF or JPEG format only.
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    PDF or JPEG only
  • Max. file size: 24 MB.
    We require a written letter, please do not just give names or phone numbers for us to call, as we have many applications. PDF or JPEG only.
  • Max. file size: 24 MB.
    We require a written letter, please do not just give names or phone numbers for us to call, as we have many applications. PDF or JPEG only.
  • Max. file size: 24 MB.
    PDF or JPEG only
  • Max. file size: 24 MB.
    PDF or JPEG only



    The purpose of Keystone Trust is to support and enable students who are affected by financial challenges or difficult circumstances in their tertiary studies with the view to entering the property and construction sectors. To understand your needs, we need to establish your financial position, together with any other information you feel should be considered. Please provide any documentation that would support this section. Any information supplied in this section will remain confidential to the selection panel and may be subject to a verification request by the Trust before any award is made.
  • Course FeesAccommodationCourse related costs eg.text books, materials etc.TravelOther 
  • Required information: Income of first parent/guardian. Income of second parent/guardian. What is their occupation? Who is their employer?
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 24 MB.
    • If all required information is not provided we will not be able to proceed with your application.
    • Please note: As part of the selection process you may be required to attend an interview in October/November 2024 at a place in New Zealand to be nominated by Keystone Trust, or online by Zoom.