Meet our New Students – Ethan Harrison

February 14, 2018

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I’m Ethan Harrison, I’m 18 years old and now a first year engineering student at The University of Auckland aiming to major in Civil Engineering. Before reaching University I went to Hamilton Boys’ High School for 5 years after moving from England with my mother and younger brother. I am a keen sportsman and an avid follower of all major American sports. I am also particularly interested in the world around us and how exactly it all functions as I take in what I observe and hope to be.


Why did you choose to apply for the Keystone Study Award?

I chose to apply for the Keystone Study Award as being from a single parent family and seeing the struggle my mother had to go through I couldn’t bear putting further financial strain on the woman who had sacrificed so much for me. Therefore I worked the years leading up to University although I felt the financial burden of studying would still be too great to handle myself and I did not want to work so much that it would subsequently distract me from my studies. Then when looking for scholarships I found the Keystone Study Award which as well as a generous monetary incentive seemingly offered an unprecedented insight into the property industry offering priceless experience and wisdom. I then put my best foot forward and threw everything at my application as I knew it could be life changing.


What excites you most about your chosen area of study? 

What excites me the most about engineering is the ability you are given to analyse your environment in depth and then do whatever is in your power to maximise the environment to benefit all. I have always been in awe of cities skylines and the responsibility and opportunity given to those who are able to alter them. I am most intrigued at the creative process in which a solution focused idea can be extracted from someone’s thoughts and through drawings, consultation and development this theoretical idea can be made into a physical reality. Being able to initiate this process within myself is what excites me the most.


Why did you decide to take up qualifications in the property sector?

I’ve always seen the potential there is in the growth industry of property and how well this co-aligned with my passions and skills. I was always fascinated by buildings at a young age and initially I wanted to be an architect however as I was not artistically gifted so when a Civil Engineer visited our school for a careers day in year 9 I knew that was the sector for me. He spoke of being responsible for vast bridges and roads and even bossing people around, all of which seemed appealing to the energetic young boy I was. Since that day I never looked back and the more I looked into the property industry the more enticed I became.


What are you looking forward to the most in your study and time with Keystone?

I personally am most looking forward towards the freedom and privilege I will have to study exactly what I have chosen and experience it all in a city where the opportunities are many. I am excited to see how far I can push myself after spending the past 5 years working towards the goal of getting to where I am today. I am keen to set myself new goals and fulfilling those as well. With Keystone I am looking forward to the events and activities that involve getting an advantageous insight to the forefront of the property industry from some of those leading minds in the sector. The overall comradery and helpfulness of the Keystone Trust is unrivaled and I plan to show my appreciation through consistently taking up the opportunities offered and supporting my fellow award winners. I am committed to using what Keystone has given and will give me as a positive opportunity maker in my life.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

In ten years time I see myself a successful and confident engineer who has settled in well to the working life using all that Keystone and University has taught me and putting into practice to get the most out of life. I see myself as someone who will have reaped the benefits of any opportunity at my disposal. I have a particular inclination towards both the design and project management sides of Civil Engineering. I see myself potentially with a young family too while maintaining the hobbies that I hope to stay interested in.


One interesting fact about you?

During the summer months I play American Football, a largely underplayed sport in New Zealand, as an Outside Linebacker in the Auckland Football Association.

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