The name Manson has been associated with innovative property development in New Zealand for more than 40 years and in March this year linked its name with Keystone Trust, another trusted name in the industry.

Mansons TCLM understands all facets of commercial and residential property development, and both funds and builds its own developments.  Working for clients who require the highest quality, Mansons’ reputation is solid and is built on performance.

Mansons TCLM  has a strong history of investing in community for a better future for all.  With over 45 years’ experience in the construction sector, Manson’s have seen the importance of lifting aspirations of young people and to creating pathways so they can see themselves as active contributors in the future.

“We are passionate about the construction sector,” said Culum Manson, Managing Director of Mansons TCLM. “As a third generation company, Mansons understands the power of family and intergenerational learning.  Giving back to the younger generation, helping them grow in confidence and ability through our relationship with Keystone is something we very much look forward to being a part of.”

Keystone Trust is delighted to be working with such a strong Auckland-based company which is known for its high standard of design and construction.

“The ethos of Mansons TCLM matches closely the values of Keystone Trust in that we are both working to lift the professionalism of the sector through ongoing education,” says Amanda Stanes, General Manager, Keystone Trust.   “Our family of sponsors recognise the importance of deepening their relationships with their employees and the communities which they operate in.  By supporting Keystone Trust and our students, they are able to actively engage in the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of our students and their families today and in the future.”

The Keystone New Zealand Property Education Trust, formerly the Graeme Bringans Property Education Trust was established on 25 October 1994 under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 and is registered  with the Charities Commission for the purposes of funding scholarships for study towards a career in the property industry and to support students with grants to support their studies eg: accommodation, fees, text books etc.

Keystone Trust is the legacy of Graeme Bringans, a Wellington-based property developer who died aged 48 years in 1993. Graeme always wanted to do more for young people coming into the industry and he knew the power of education.  As he wasn’t able to attend university himself, his widow Binty Bringans, along with several of his best friends, established an endowment fund which, along with a family of 35 sponsors, has seen the Trust support more than 164 young people into tertiary study and careers in the sectors.  Currently 43 students are on the Keystone programme benefiting from a three-year scholarship,  industry networks, site visits, mentors and work experience.

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