Lucy’s Work Experience at Bayleys

February 27, 2020

Lucy is a 2019 Study Award Recipent, currently studying a Bachelor of Urban Planning at the University of Auckland.

“Through the Keystone Trust, I was offered the amazing opportunity to work as an intern in the marketing department at Bayleys Realty Group in my first semester of university. My main role within the company is centred around Bayleys’ partnership with Air New Zealand, whereby I help process the vendors’ airpoints from various Bayleys franchises across the country. As a part of this, I also respond to various queries relating to Bayleys’ partnership with Air New Zealand and help out with various administrative tasks within the marketing department.

Working at Bayleys has shown me many different facets of the real estate industry. Such as watching live auctions, seeing the various property portfolios Bayleys puts together, the various ways in which they advertise properties, either through social media, print, or online; and the amount of organisation that it takes to market properties. My role within Bayleys has helped improved my communication and time management skills, as well as giving me experience in an office environment.

I love working at Bayleys, as I’m surrounded by brilliant and hardworking people in a supportive and friendly workplace environment.  Further, my job is flexible to suit my university timetable and is located on my route home from university, making it perfect for me to pop in and out.

Working at Bayleys has given and continues to give me a taste of what it is like to work in the property industry, something which I feel very fortunate to experience so early on in my journey into the property sector. I’m incredibly thankful to the Keystone Trust and Bayleys Realty Group for giving me this opportunity and a head start in the property industry.” 

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