The Keystone Story

At Keystone Trust, we have been giving students a hand-up into property related tertiary studies for the past 25 years. We are a charitable trust and our funding comes from the generosity of our sponsors, assistance from supporters and our well managed investments.


Keystone Trust was built on the legacy of Graeme Bringans, a kiwi property developer who was a strong advocate of promoting opportunities for young people to enter the property industry – particularly those whose family, financial or other circumstances were such that their paths might be blocked.

Graeme’s dream was to establish a trust dedicated to helping such young people find their way into the industry. Unfortunately, Graeme died suddenly on 5 February 1994 at the age of 48. In his honour, his widow Binty, and a group of close friends and colleagues formed the Graeme Bringans Property Education Trust. The founding trustees were Binty Bringans, John Bayley, Paul Duffy, Mike Higgins, Mike Hutcheson, Deborah Kelland, Bruce Sanderson, Gregory Shanahan and John Whitehead. Together they raised the seed capital and put in place the structures which allowed the Trust to offer scholarships to students in a wide range of disciplines. Binty is still involved with the trust today.

As we developed and expanded our activities, it became appropriate for us to be renamed, and in November 2003 the name “Keystone New Zealand Property Education Trust” was adopted. This name symbolises our position as the essential keystone linking our sponsors, students, and other stakeholders.


Our students are at the heart of everything we do.

Our fundamental goal is to support and enable students who have financial need or have been affected by adverse circumstances to take up tertiary studies in the property sector.

We believe we can only achieve this goal by working with others with the same value, vision and integrity – from students to sponsors, friends and supporters.


Our vision is to increase the number of students that we support, year by year.

We always keep in mind our founding principle of assisting students who otherwise would struggle to attend or succeed at tertiary study. We are proud that our scholarship programme delivers some of the highest quality graduates who take up careers in the property sector, and we know we can support more students.

We look forward to working with you as we realise this vision.


What the future holds

Our scholarship programme deliver some of the highest quality graduates who then take up varied careers in the property sector. Being part of the Keystone family, whether as a student, alumni member or funding partner gains high respect from your industry peers. We are actively seeking new sponsors and supporters in the industry to continue our consistent growth and allow us to support more students.
future growth

Our sponsor family