“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” 

–  Benjamin Franklin

The Keystone Foundation Charter
Falling under the umbrella of the Trust the Foundation offers a well governed and managed structure to protect and grow the capital assets available for the Trusts charitable purposes. The Keystone Foundation Funds are governed pursuant to the terms of the Keystone Foundation Charter. Each year an annual report will be prepared and available to the Keystone community.
You are in good hands

In order to ensure the funds held within the Keystone Foundation are well managed, we felt it prudent to engage specialist in this field, to work alongside the Guardians in reaching their objectives. JBWere will implement sound investment strategies and policies to protect and grow the Keystone Foundation funds and provide future income.


For 21 years Keystone Trust has been the backbone of new talent for the property industry.

We have built up a solid investment base that in time will assist with supporting our students – but, like you, we always strive for more, better and bigger.

The Keystone Foundation is focussed on harnessing the philanthropic generosity of our property and construction community, allowing it to reach its objective of growing its capital asset to reach long term financial independence for the Trust. The Guardians of the Foundation are committed to working with you to ensure that your support is applied as effectively as possible.


The Fund has been established to allow for growth in the number of scholarships that the Trust is able to award to deserving students. We have the evidence to prove that our programme works – and it is not only working for our students but helping the New Zealand property and construction sector unite with the common goal of seeing these young leaders achieve.

With your help we can grow our programme and create a reliable and enduring income stream to support future students through their property tertiary studies.


The Keystone Foundation is focused on harnessing the philanthropic generosity of the property and construction community, allowing it to reach its objective of growing the Trust’s capital base to provide long term financial independence for the Trust.
The Guardians researched the industry thoroughly, obtaining a number of proposals from investment firms for the management of the Trust’s current portfolio and financial advisory services that will be required as the Trust’s funds grow.  In August 2016, Keystone Trustees agreed to appoint JB Were to provide financial advisory services to Keystone Trust.

The Keystone Trustees are very grateful for the services that MCA Investments and Michael Chamberlain have given to the Trust since its inception in 1994 and have complete confidence in working alongside them to meet the Foundation’s needs.


“One thing to add which is an unexpected bonus of Keystone’s “Pastoral” care and guidance of these scholarship students is the unique way you set them up with a network which consists of each other, and the captains of our industry that jostle each other out the way to be connected with them (as mentors/trustees/scholarship benefactors). And that is the golden egg right there – they start their careers knowing more senior execs than you can shake a stick at, and as they are the cream of the crop they tend to start gravitating towards these positions themselves as a group with that established network of peers who in turn become execs etc. This is very strong and attractive for a business that hires them. That should be recognised as a result of your long involvement with alumni past their scholarship years.”


Help support students entering a pathway into property related tertiary studies.

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