When you give to the Keystone Foundation you will not only be securing your personal relationship with Keystone Trust and our students, but you will be helping to ensure a future supply of talented young property professionals are able to contribute towards New Zealand’s property sector.

Due to generous support and prudent management, the Keystone Foundation fund has accumulated to $1.3 million. Our goal is to protect and grow the capital assets available to fund the Keystone Trust’s charitable purposes by increasing this to $5 million over the next ten years.

All gifts the Keystone Foundation will be recognised on its website and annually in its electronic publication (unless you would prefer your donation to be anonymous). Donors will be welcomed along to Keystone events.

Create a legacy
Bequests and Major Gifts invested in the Keystone Foundation, generate the income to provide on-going support to the Keystone Trust. This allows your bequest or gift to keep on giving for years to come.
Major gifts

Major gifts can make a real difference and provide the vital support to our vision and long-term sustainable goals. The Keystone Foundation Guardians will work with you to ensure your gift is achieving impact in the area that you are passionate about. By learning what is important to you, we can suggest ways your gift to the Foundation will help us achieve our objectives.

Planned giving

A gift which might make a real difference is not always possible during a lifetime because of current obligations and commitments. However, including a legacy in your Will may offer the opportunity to make a difference to future generations in our industry.

The Keystone Foundation Guardians, will assist you through the options available. They can work with you and prepare a template for a memorandum of wishes to ensure that your gift will be used in the way you have intended.

If you decide to arrange for a planned gift to the Keystone Foundation in your Will, please let us know in confidence; we would like to express our appreciation for your support in your lifetime.

Donations and regular giving
One off donations can be received via the PayPal link below or by direct crediting the Keystone Foundation bank account:

02 1244 0117074 025
(Reference: Donor’s Name. Code: Donation)


The Keystone Foundation is a registered charity and all donations above $5 will be sent a tax deductible receipt.

You also have the opportunity to become a regular supporter on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis by setting up an automatic payment from your bank account. At the end of every financial year we will provide you with a statement for tax rebate purposes.

Whichever option you choose, you will not only be securing your personal relationship with Keystone and our students, but you will be helping to ensure a future of talented young property professionals able to contribute towards NZ’s property sector.

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