Application Tips – Advice from Keystone Alumnus James Petherick

July 17, 2018

The Keystone application form is your first introduction to prospective scholarship students. What are you looking for when you read through the application form?

The Keystone Trust are looking for students who have a passion for Property and those who have great potential to succeed given the support they will provide. So you make sure you demonstrate that you put these things in your application.


How important are grades and extra-curricular activities when choosing who you would like to shortlist for interview?

You do not need to be a top scholar in order to be awarded a Keystone Trust scholarship. The main thing is that you work hard and that your academic ability will be able to get you through your degree. Being involved in extra-curricular activities will definitely increase your chances of landing that interview, whether that be through school, a sports team, etc.


Success! The applicant has made it to the interview stage! Given you have sat on both sides of the panel, what are your top tips for students coming to an interview?

Relax – All members of the interview panel are really nice and friendly and just want to get to know you in person.

Do some research – Make sure you know about Keystone Trust and what they are all about if you don’t know already. The website has plenty of helpful information for you to have a look at.

Be Yourself!


The interview is, of course, the opportunity for students to showcase their skills, knowledge and personality to you. What do you want to learn more about at the interview? (The only question I remember is the integrity question so have kept response from old one).

It varies for each person but generally we ask about your family and home life, what you do with your free time, how other people would describe you and how you describe yourself, your thoughts on the industry and your vision for your career.


What’s the most important tip you would give to prospective students when it comes to applying for a Keystone Scholarship?

Get clear about why you a choosing a career in Property & Construction, what attracted you to that particular discipline, and how you see your role fitting in with the rest of the industry.

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